Merchant Statement

From the flurry of emails supposedly sent from CITIBANK ( Total Poop has received today, it appears the hackers are out in full force. The emails are being sent through the mail servers of legitimate businesses and organizations which are being used as relays. The payload in the emails is the attached .doc file Statement ID 4657-345-347-0332.doc or a variation. It is possible that the file is set to open automatically when viewed.

Enclosed DOC is your Citibank Paymentech electronic Merchant Billing Statement.

If you need assistance, please contact your Account Executive or call Merchant Services at the telephone number listed on your statement. 

PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND BY USING REPLY. This email is sent from an unmonitored email address, and your response will not be received by Citibank Paymentech.

Citibank Paymentech will not be responsible for any liabilities that may result from or relate to any failure or delay caused by Citibank Paymentech’s or the Merchant’s email service or otherwise. Citibank Paymentech recommends that Merchants continue to monitor their statement information regularly.

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THIS MESSAGE IS CONFIDENTIAL. This e-mail message and any attachments are proprietary and confidential information intended only for the use of the recipient(s) named above. If you are not the intended recipient, you may not print, distribute, or copy this message or any attachments. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender by return e-mail and delete this message and any attachments from your computer.

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